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Domestic Relations

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Your business needs experienced litigators, and sometimes you do, too. Robinson & McElwee provides domestic relations services for its clients to help them work their way through divorce, child custody and support issues, adoptions and property disposition. This discrete service is limited, but is offered as part of our commitment to fully serving our clients. Robinson & McElwee’s litigation lawyers have earned the respect of their clients and colleagues. Their outstanding litigation skills have been repeatedly demonstrated by successful resolution of disputed matters before trial, at trial, and through the appellate process.
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Robinson & McElwee handles major oil and gas commercial litigation. Our representative clients include Chesapeake Energy, Cabot Oil & Gas and EQT Corp. Robinson & McElwee also represents coal industry clients such as Eastern Associated Coal. The firm handles timber matters, including flood litigation (personal injury and property damage), for clients such as Georgia Pacific and Weyerhaeuser.
“Deliberate Intent” litigation, sometimes known as Mandolidis litigation, involves cases brought by employees against employers in an effort to avoid the employer’s workers’ compensation immunity, a type of personal injury action unique to West Virginia jurisprudence. In such claims, a plaintiff asserts that an employer’s “deliberate intent” as specifically defined in the Workers’ Compensation Act, caused the plaintiff’s alleged injuries.
Our attorneys handle a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases, including injuries from car or truck accidents to toxic exposure cases and other complex injury and disease cases. Our asbestos defense practice is one of the largest in the state, and we are actively representing clients in hundreds of asbestos claims.
The firm handles major personal injury litigation due to alleged exposure to toxic substances. Toxic tort cases include asbestos litigation, as well as cases involving mercury, lead, formaldehyde, silica, acrylamide, perchlorethylene, and other cases involving other chemicals, toxic substances and causal agents. In the various areas of tort litigation in which the firm is involved, Robinson & McElwee attorneys represent clients who are sued on both product liability and premises liability theories.